You Can Do Whatever You Want (Alt Summit Recap)

You Can Do Whatever You Want (Alt Summit Recap) | Sycamore Yes, that's right. You can do whatever you want*.

Not in a no-consequences-juvenile-delinquent kind of way, of course. But in the way where you figure out what you want from life and you go for it.

Of course, I know it's not always as easy as that. It might mean sacrifices. It might mean uncertainty. It might mean spending years figuring out exactly what you are really good at and really passionate about and then just when things are starting to fall into place, those things change and evolve and you start the process all over again.

For me, it meant starting a letterpress company straight out of college and then re-building that same company 5 years later and then once things were falling into place with that, starting a side business making films. (I know, what?! More on that later...)

For Alison, it means lounging on tables and making the most adorable sugar cookies and dancing like crazy and making women laugh and feel good about themselves.

For Elle, it means making the softest baby wraps that magically lull newborns to sleep and traveling the world with her family and being great at connecting with other mothers.

For Alma, it means being super organized and knowing how to say no and being a fantastic graphic designer and knowing how to break that down and teach it to others.

These are just a few examples. What does it mean to you?

Another thing to keep in mind. Elle noted in her panel that success looks different to different people. It does no good to compare. I love that.

So yes, I learned some great little tips on blogging and social media and running a business while at the Alt Summit last week. But as always, my favorite part was just being surrounded by so many inspiring people.

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- Eva

* I'm pretty sure I'm quoting both Alison and Elle here.