Our Favorite Museums in Stockholm


If you love travel (and dreaming of travel) as much as I do, this blog series is for you.  – E  To be honest, these 6 museums are the only ones Kirk, Ingrid, and I visited in Stockholm. But we were blown away by the quality of of each and every one! (And this is coming from a family who doesn't normally go to more than one museum per destination.)

1) Skansen |  I've already mentioned this one a couple of times, but it's worth bringing up again. Reindeer, authentic Swedish farmhouses full of hand carved furniture, vintage children's amusement park. Charming doesn't begin to describe it.

2) The Vasa Museum | In 1628, the Swedish king poured a fortune into making the best warship the world had ever seen, the Vasa. And then it sunk within minutes of its first (and last) launch. Recovered in 1961, it is now housed in this wonderful museum. (But on a side note, watch for pickpockets. Someone stole my iPhone on our way in!)

3) The Nordic Museum | Full of Swedish folk art, I fell in love with their collection of textiles. Knowing I only had so much time until our toddler would start getting antsy, I frantically pulled open drawer after drawer -- each one seemed lovelier than the next. Ingrid's favorite exhibits were the jewelry and the dollhouses.

4) The Modern Museum | Practically empty the day we visited, we had the large, spacious galleries to ourselves. We all enjoyed the modern and contemporary art on display... especially parts of the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit.

5) Fotografiska | Photography is one of my favorite forms of contemporary art, and there were several floors full of exhibits with many different artists represented. Very well put together.

6) Junibacken | Ingrid absolutely adored this children's museum devoted to Scandinavian storybooks. Be forewarned, though: the storybook train ride was enchanting, but also scary for sensitive little ones. But it was worth it to end up at Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla. Pippi is a favorite around here, but even if your child isn't familiar with the story, he'd get a kick out of climbing around Pippi's kooky house.

If you have any museums to add to the list, please let us know in the comments! - Eva