What We're Loving This Month

What We're Loving This Month | Sycamore Is it April already? I'm excited for this month -- spring is finally here! We've got a lot in the works here at Sycamore... We're hoping to finish up the studio revamp. Kirk and I are heading to Portland, Oregon for a week with NØRR film to do a couple of videos for a client. Then we'll be launching our SS16 paper collection at the end of the month. Most importantly, our little Lars is turning 3!

Here are some of our favorite links right now...

  1. Raise your hand if you love flowers.
  2. Did your favorites make our list? If not, share them below!
  3. We're heading to Portland this month and would love to heard your favorites in the area!
  4. A different kind of spring cleaning.
  5. Joshua Tree is on my travel bucket list. What are some of your dream travel destinations?
  6. With Hashimoto's, I'm always on the lookout for healthy recipes.
  7. Our cactus printable posters are featured on The Jungalow!
  8. See you later, under eye circles.
  9. These days, I'm really into necklaces and pins. What's your jewelry preference?
  10. I love adding a bit of vintage to my house.
  11. If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of blue and white.
  12. What food is in season in April.
  13. Loving the combination of cement and wood.
  14. Itching to go back to Stockholm.
  15. A peek inside the homes of Old Hollywood's stars...Which one is your favorite?
  16. The perfect picnic dessert.
  17. Cancel your plans this weekend.
  18. How darling is Mabo's Spring Collection?
  19. Adding this to my list of DIY projects to try...


Photo: Amanda Nolan Booker