The 12 Best Second-Hand Shops in Stockholm

12-best-second-hand-shops-in-stockholm Who knew that Stockholm was such a wonderful place for second hand shopping?! My friend Meta and I went to so many thrift stores and vintage boutiques while we were there and found loads of great things.  Officially, we were sourcing props and wardrobe for a short film. But let’s be honest, we walked away with a bunch of things for ourselves, too. If only we could have fit more into our suitcases!

Keep reading to see my list of the 12 best second-hand shops in Stockholm…

1) Stadsmissionen

I have to say, I love a bargain, and there are plenty to be found in this thrift store chain. Vintage swedish boy scout shirts for our kids, a polka dot dress for me, high waisted woolen pants for Meta, vintage children’s fabric I’m turning into curtains, and more..

2) Myrorna

We actually went to the Myrorna when we were in Gothenburg (which is even better than Stockholm when it comes to vintage) and it was amazing. Hand made textiles, wooden clogs, vintage denim and dresses, etc… This is a big chain of thrift stores in Sweden, and if you dig, I’ve heard you can find great things at all of them.

3) Emmaus

This is a very well organized thrift shop with a wide range of items. It’s near the Slussen stop (one of the bigger transportation hubs in Stockholm) so it’s very convenient, too.

4) Judits Secondhand

And now on to the vintage boutiques. Judits Secondhand carries only women’s clothing and accessories. It’s a highly edited collection of both more recent designer second hand items and vintage. It’s one of three shops owned by the same people -- the others are Herr Judit and Brandenstationen.

5) Herr Judit

Like Judits Secondhand, this shop is highly curated. It focuses on men’s apparel and accessories with an Americana aesthetic. I wished I could have bought Kirk an entire wardrobe in there -- everything was so beautiful.

6) Brandstationen

The third shop in the Judit trio carries vintage (and some new) home goods. I loved this shop -- so many pretty little things to look at and such artful displays.

7) Old Touch

With one of the best vintage selections in Stockholm, this boutique carries clothing, accessories, and small household items from the 1890’s - 1970’s.

8) Beyond Retro

A fun vintage shop with a long sloping entrance and a big assortment of colorful vintage duds. I don’t think I ended up buying anything here but there were lots of fun things to look at.

9) Lisa Larsson Second Hand

Probably the most well known second hand shop in Stockholm, this shop has been around since the 1980’s. Vintage finds mixed with newer items.

10) 59 Vintage Store

A fantastic selection of vintage women’s wear -- everything from pillbox hats to 70’s kaftans in a charming shop with a checkerboard floor.

11) Uppat Vaggarna

Packed to the gills with vintage clothing, accessories, home goods and other small things. Strictly vintage. Nothing newer than 1980.

12) Lata Pigan

This is a secret spot I found online via Queens of Vintage after I got back from our last trip, so I am dying to go there on my next visit to Stockholm! It’s apparently a bit out of the city (you’ll need a car to get there) in a big barn. It’s run by a textile designer, so she has an amazing eye apparently. Everything is vintage -- mostly pre-1975.

Happy hunting! - Eva

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Photos (from top to bottom): Sarah Rundt, 020954, and Flora Wistrom.