looking lovely: Martha Stewart Stationery

I'm loving Martha Stewart's line of stationery for Crane's. There's an interview with her in the latest Stationery Trends Magazine. A Martha quote for all you stationers out there:

"In the the digital age, consumers are quite comfortable with written expression. After all, they are emailing, texting, and tweeting all day! Stationers must help them rediscover the value of printed communications by emphasizing how wonderfully thoughtful and memorable a beautiful invitation or thank -you note can be, especially in an era when communication is so often so fleeting. It's worth noting that consumers are increasingly interested in farming and crafting, and preparing artisanal foods. They are receptive to the idea that some things may take a little more time and effort, and yes, expense. But they are well worth it."

p.s. Martha also said that she had to pick a different career, she'd be a veterinarian/professor at a university.

image credit: Crane's