Adding Curated Goods to the Shop

Adding Curated Goods to the Shop | Sycamore

The Dream

For many years, Kirk and I dreamed about opening a brick and mortar shop. It would be filled not only with our own creations, but with a carefully curated mix of goods befitting a simple, yet beautiful life. But the dream didn’t come true. There were various reasons -- the town we live in isn’t the best fit for a shop we’d want to open, we’ve been focused on growing our stationery brand, starting a family, etc…

But at the end of 2012, I decided it was time to take action. I knew the time wasn’t quite right to open a brick and mortar, but why not expand our online shop to include items made by other makers? We decided to go for it, so in January of 2013, I hopped a flight to New York to attend NYNow, one of the biggest gift trade shows in the country. I spent two entire days walking down every single aisle of the show, gathering catalogs and meeting vendors. I started to make a list of items I’d like to order for the shop.

And then some crazy stuff happened in our life and work -- it was kind of like the perfect storm, you know? To be honest, it had been building for awhile, but I didn’t fully realize it until I got back from that trip. I went into survival mode and once again, the shop expansion got put on hold.

Keep reading to see how we are finally going to make this dream come true, along with the items we’ll be carrying…

Adding Curated Goods to the Shop | Sycamore

Simple, Beautiful Goods

Well, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the timing for a Sycamore Street Press curated shop wasn’t quite right until now. We actually dipped our toes into the water by adding a few small items to our online shop at the end of last year cotton ribbon by Studio Carta / Angela Liguori, glitter twine by Knot and Bow, stamp pads, etc... But that is just a tiny taste of what the shop will become when we officially launch the curated goods in October. We’ll have complimentary paper goods and desk items the most beautiful notebooks, pencils, pens… perfect little paper clips, and more… But we’ll also have lovely apothecary gift items like candles, soaps, perfume oil. And the thing I might be most excited about?! Fashion! Clothes for women and babies, along with accessories and jewelry. I can’t wait! And pretty soon, if all goes according to plan, we’ll start carrying clothing for children and maybe men, along with home decor items -- things like stunning table linens, cushions, pottery, etc…

A Quality One Stop Shop

Really, I just want to make it a one stop shop for people who love and appreciate the Sycamore Street Press aesthetic and idea of living a simple yet beautiful life. There was one year where I bought pretty much all of my Christmas presents from Kaufmann Mercantile because I just love their style and aesthetic, and I was able to find things for most of the people on my list. It was so convenient and I was so happy with the purchases because I knew they were all well made items that would be appreciated -- not thrown away at the first chance. That’s what I want our shop to be like -- but with our own unique style and spin on it, of course.

And our line of paper goods will, of course, continue to be the cornerstone of our online shop and our business in general. I love designing it and I love knowing that people around the world are opening their mailboxes to get heartfelt messages from loved ones written on cards that we made. But I want our shop to be more than that -- to be a whole lifestyle experience. And that’s why we’re bringing in outside makers and their goods.

Pop Up Boutique

Oh, and one more thing -- for those of you who live in Utah, we’ll be holding a holiday pop-up boutique! We'll have a wonderful assortment of holiday cards and decor, along with a great range of gifts and fashion. It will be at Hinterland, our shared studio space in Springville, on November 19, from 6-9PM. More details to follow, so stay tuned...

Thanks to everyone for following along on our journey, and for the inspiration and support you bring. Sycamore Street Press wouldn’t be possible without you! xo - Eva

Photography: Chaunté Vaughn, Styling: Meta Coleman