9 Best Photo-Ops in Stockholm

Skansen-9-Best-Photo-Ops-v1 While travelling, I usually just pull out my camera (or iPhone) and take photos whenever something catches my eye. I like the spontaneity of it. But on our recent trip to Sweden, since I was location scouting for our NØRR (our film production company) I decided to be more strategic. After searching through photos from my previous trip to Stockholm, speaking to friends who had been there, and doing some online research, I discovered some pretty amazing spots that I’d love to share with you...

Keep reading to see Stockholm’s 9 best photo-ops…


Everywhere you look in Stockholm’s open air museum, you’ll find photo-worthy moments. But my favorite is probably the rocky outcropping where the reindeer live, with their view of the city in the distance.


When we visited this historic square in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (old town), our then two year old daughter, Ingrid, danced around like she was in a fairytale land. Such a charming place!



Especially in the summertime, this mecca of gardening and organic food is full of beautiful greenery and blooms.



This hidden spot feels more like a storybook village than an urban street. And not only are the little houses completely charming, but there’s a big majestic church at one end and a quiet little park with a view over the water at the other.


The royal residence and its surrounding gardens were inspired by the palace of Versailles. Gorgeous symmetry and crisp details -- love it.


If you are travelling with children, you HAVE to take them to Junibaken -- an interactive childrens’ storybook museum. Ingrid is obsessed with Pippi Longstocking and asked for her photo to be taken with Pippi’s horse, in Pippi’s house, and finally as Pippi herself.


One evening, as Kirk and I were walking home for the evening along Stromgatan, an incredible sunset stopped us short. Stockholm’s City Hall (Stadshus) was silhouetted against the sky and reflected in the water below. As I looked around, every single pedestrian had stopped and pulled out their phone to snap a photo. It was that breathtaking.


At the very northern tip of Södermalm, there’s a small road -- a pathway really -- that winds along the top of a cliff overlooking the water and Gamla Stan in the distance. It’s called Monteliusvagan, and it’s definitely worth a detour.



If you’d like to combine a photo op with a bite to eat, Fåfängan  is the perfect place. It has a terrace on the top of a hill with a fantastic view of the city below.

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Thanks to Chelsea Fuss, Meta Coleman, and Jenner Brown for tipping me off to a few of these places. - Eva

1) Rosendals Trädgård by Castles Gardener 2) Rosendals Trädgård by Juliane 3) Rosendals Trädgård by williwieberg 4) Drottningholm Palace by Gomer Swahn 5) Monteliusvagen by Beatrice 6) Fåfängan by Mats Lindfors Webbkusten (All other photos by Eva Jorgensen for Sycamore Street Press)