5 Local Favorites in New York City

5 Local Favorites in New York City  | Sycamore Travel is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. When I travel, I absolutely love getting tips from locals -- even better if they share my love of good design and food. So I thought I'd start asking some of my fellow online creatives for advice on what to visit in their home towns. I'm doing an original hand drawn or hand painted illustration for each post and I'm calling the series 5 Local Favorites.

First up is my friend, editorial hairstylist Rubi Jones, from New York City. Rubi styles hair for photo shoots, fashion shows, Little Axe Salon, and she blogs at She Lets Her Hair Down. She is also a co-owner of The Period Store, a subscription based service where a monthly package with your choice of chocolate, ibuprofen, tampons, and other necessities gets delivered right to your door. Genius.

Enjoy reading Rubi's NYC tips! - Eva

Kinokuniya Bookstore

This is one of my favorite stores in New York City. It's a Japanese bookstore with shops around the world, but I discovered it and fell in love in New York. It's three stories - the main floor has English books, toys, and great knick-knacks - perfect for gift shopping. The basement and second floor are like going to a different world. The basement has a lot of stationery supplies (which is one of my favorite things to shop for), Japanese magazines and more. The second floor has a cute cafe that overlooks Bryant Park and more Japanese products. I mainly shop on the first floor and basement and venture upstairs to people watch.

C.O. Bigelow

I love beauty products and can spend a long time inside this apothecary. It's the oldest in New York, the staff is really nice and I always leave with beautiful products to fill my ever-expanding beauty closet with.

Chelsea Market

In my opinion, Chelsea Market keeps getting better every year. I try to avoid it during lunch hours because it can get so crowded but I always go hungry. There are so many great places to eat there, thinking about it makes my mouth water! It's one of my go-to places for edible gifts (those are my favorite kind).

Pearl River Mart

This shop is madness - in the best way possible. I always go there when I'm in the mood for a little retail therapy. I promise you'll leave with a thing or two you previously didn't realize were necessities in life, (e.g. paper balloons or tiny metal serving spoons).

Partners & Spade

I'm obsessed with everything Partners & Spade touches. They are a creative studio and storefront created by Anthony Sperduti and Andy Spade. I think the storefront is only open on weekends, it carries the most random yet perfectly curated items.


Head over to Brooklyn to see your favorite online jewelery shop in person. The tiny space has so many beautiful items ranging from dainty rings to specialty soaps and stationery.

Rubi Jones's favorite spots in NYC | Sycamore Street Press

Thanks Rubi! Can't wait to to check these out when I'm in New York for the stationery show. You can follow Rubi on Instagram and Pinterest.

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Image credits: Illustration by Eva Jorgensen, photo from She Lets Her Hair Down