10 Hip Swedish Shops


I could have also called this post "A Mini-Travel Guide to the Södermalm Neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden". Because you can find every single one of these shops there. (As well as online.)  Kirk, Ingrid, and I stayed in this hip neighborhood when we were in Stockholm last fall. And even though we are not so hip, we loved it. So many interesting streets to explore! I came armed with recommendations from friends, acquaintances, and online sources, which was very helpful. (Thank you!) But we also just stumbled across some of these in our wanderings... there seemed to be fun little places around every corner. Here are the ten shops that I loved best (in no particular order):

1) Paper Cut - The best selection of magazines I have ever seen in my life. Everything from Lucky Peach to Apartamento to Kinfolk. Plus plenty more that I had never heard of before but looked amazing. Krukmakargatan 24-26, Stockholm (Södermalm)

2) Grandpa - I had seen this shop buzzed about in several different places across the interwebs, and for good reason. In our fantasy world, Kirk and I would have each bought an entire wardrobe here. And the collection of vintage furniture and home goods? Perfect. Södermannagatan 21, Stockholm (Södermalm)

3) Coctail - On a grey day, this shop cheered me right up with its explosion of color. Turquoise, chartreuse, hot pink, canary yellow... it's not for the timid. Lots of fun little gifts and tchotchkes. Bondegatan 34, Stockholm (Södermalm)

4) Pet Sounds - A legendary underground Swedish record shop named after one of the best albums ever. What's not to love? Skånegatan 53, Stockholm (Södermalm)

5) Mini Rodini - This quirky children's brand is all over Pinterest these days, and for good reason. Their designs walk that fine line of being playful and childlike but not cutesy. Nytorgsgatan 36, Stockholm (Södermalm)

6) Nytorget Urban Deli & Bageriet Urban Deli - These two places are just a few blocks from each other and share the same owners. The first is a small market attached to a cafe. The second is a small bakery / coffee shop. Both sell fresh, seasonal, often local food. We couldn't get enough and stopped in several times during our week in Stockholm. Nytorget 4 and Skånegatan 76, Stockholm (Södermalm)

Not pictured:

7) Konst-Ig - Beautiful selection of art and design books. Åsögatan 124, Stockholm (Södermalm)

8) Nitty Gritty - Clean-lined, stylish clothes for men and women sold in shop done in that minimal style that the Swedes do so well. Eye candy! Krukmakargatan 26, Stockholm (Södermalm)

9) Parlans Confectioneries - I had never heard of this place, but popped in after seeing their beautiful signage while walking down the street. The interior looks like it comes straight out of another time and place. So well done. And the buttery caramels are absolutely delicious. Nytorgsgatan 38, Stockholm (Södermalm)

10) Uniforms for the Dedicated - The first brick and mortar store for this Swedish line of clothing just opened a month before we visited. I love the clothes as well as the line of chairs they make from local reclaimed wood. Krukmakargatan 24, Stockholm (Södermalm)

This list only scratches the surface of the wonderful places in this neighborhood. Feel free to leave a comment and chime in! - Eva

Photo of Mini Rodini shop courtesy of their website.